Are you a person who celebrates Valentines Day or is it simply another commercial venture? It is fun to get chocolates and/or flowers or a gift any day of the year and I love having flowers anytime whether I am given them or whether I gift myself them.
One time I was watching several men frantically buying bouquets in Hong Kong to give to their partners and I was surprised bouquets could cost that much from very average florists!   It was as if the token of love was measured by the size and price of the bouquet. I was curious how those people behaved the rest of the year. One year when my husband (then boyfriend) surprised me with a delivery of flowers at my workplace for no particular reason a doctor across the hall from me said  “Ah, enjoy it now, all that will stop when you get married.” Had he stopped going his wife flowers, I wondered? My reply to him was “You don’t know Nick!”
The flowers only stopped coming from him after he left the planet and if I want flowers now there is no need to mourn as I can go get them myself.
What I did notice after he left the planet though was initially I was at a loss. In addition to feeling the loss of a loved one, I was not feeling the loss of his gifts of flowers, I was at a loss for a vase! It was as if I had all these flowers of love and nowhere to put them. It was only after he left that I realized I had not been aware of my own vase.
When I mention self-love some people confuse it with ego or selfishness. They think that self-love means you don’t care about others and only care about yourself. To me, self-love is loving and accepting yourself just the way you are, with all your perfections and imperfections. After all, are we not all ‘work in progress’? Over the years, with wonderful assistance from others  I learned to discover my inner vase and replenish it regularly and these days I enjoy assisting others on a similar journey.
Today and every day may the flowers in your vase be plentiful!