Here, there and everywhere!

It has been over a year since most of us have had to deal with severe travel restrictions and it has been decades since I have been in one location for so long! For some of you, this restriction is being lifted while for others, including myself, we are still in lockdown. So with our ongoing limitations of travel why did the phase ‘here, there and everywhere’ pop into my mind when I sat down to write today? While our bodies may still be in one location, there may be an issue of our being fully present. Have you been feeling more spaced out than usual? Has it been more difficult to stay focused on a task? Have you been feeling more easily affected by other people’s moods? There  are  many reasons why an aspect of us may have escaped to another time or place. Perhaps it is still in dreamland and didn’t come back when you got up this morning.

I see this in a lot of people I chat with and when I host a seminar that starts in the morning I usually begin with a meditation to bring back the dream parts of everyone in the room. Often people will use that cup of coffee in the morning to jolt themselves fully back into their bodies. For others it  may feel hard to get in gear for several hours! To remedy this, I have created a very simple visualization to follow and people often tell me how helpful it is to do that exercise. If  you would like a copy of it, please contact me and I’ll be happy to email it to you.

Okay, you’ve done the morning exercise of bringing back all your dream parts and it still feels fuzzy. You may be “all here’ and at the same time parts of you may be in a different time dimension! It’s really helpful, especially when many are still working from home and the transition from home-time to work-time is blurry to make a note of the date and time. Simply bringing that to your awareness will make a difference to your energy integrity. See if it feels different when you do this daily. Often after doing this for a couple of weeks people tell me they feel like they have a lot more energy and find they seem less spaced out.

Halfway  through the day and you may find you are a bit scattered for reasons known  or unknown. A very simple way to bring yourself back to the here and now and get really grounded is to imagine you are watching a movie. In the movie you have exploded into too many pieces to count and they are flying all over the place. Now press the ‘rewind’ button and see all the pieces of you coming back to form a whole image again with no missing pieces. When you get a sense of that image, take a few long and easy deep breaths and look at your feet. You can do this in sitting or standing. By describing what you see to yourself, ( bare feet, socks, colour of your shoes etc)  your full  attention is  brought to back to the here and now.

Next week I will give you some tips on grounding and what that really means. Decades ago when I first learned about grounding I was sure I was already so grounded. What a revelation it was when I discovered that all my parts that were here were grounded and other aspects that had wandered off to other realms never answered me when I checked to see if I was fully grounded!

Now that I have mastered the art of being centred and grounded I can really tell the difference. This is not hard to learn and at the same time many find it difficult to achieve. I’ll tell you why next week. Till then, see if you find these tips helpful. I welcome your feedback!