Procrastination – clear this with Heart Metta.

No need to wait anymore!

I had a mini breakthrough last week and it brought me huge A-ha moment. Long story short, I had bought an insert for my desk months ago, thinking it would help organize the stuff in my desk drawer. The insert arrived and every day I would see this thing sitting in the corner of my room. It was hard to miss since it was 18 inches wide and 14 inches deep! That thing sat there for five months. I would look at it and give myself the usual “ I’ll do it soon.” I really wore my crown of procrastination well. Looking at it for yet another time, I asked myself why I had not organized my drawer. Nothing obvious came to mind, I really had no excuses or reasons.

I decided to have a Heart Metta session with myself:

  1. Opening statement with my hand in the Heart Metta position: “I am having trouble sorting out my desk drawer.”

    What popped into my head was totally unexpected. I found this eight-year-old aspect of myself that got terrorized one time when I had opened my desk drawer and this giant tropical cockroach had crawled out. This was such a revelation to me as I had no idea that fear was still lodged in my cells!
  2. Second  statement with my hand still in the Heart Metta position: “That happened when  I was a child and living in Hong Kong. It is all over and in the past. I am an adult now and have am no longer terrified of cockroaches and what’s more there aren’t even any cockroaches like that where I live now. It is totally safe to sort out my desk drawer.  Even if large cockroaches lived here, I am totally capable of dealing with them.”
  3. “I am free to move forward unencumbered by my past.”

Thank you Heart Metta. I found the root cause of my procrastination and cleared it. Now my desk drawer is all organized! I want to add, not only did I sort it out the day I did the clearing, I was eager to do it and made it a priority.  From now on, whenever I find myself procrastinating, my go-to will be Heart Metta!

According to an article I read online about a study in Psychological Science, they said procrastination is more about managing emotions than time. What I learned from my own experiences is while we can be ‘disciplined’ and push ourselves to do things, make ‘to do’ lists and follow them, there is a degree of angst and we end up doing these things because they need to be done instead wanting to do them. Huge efforting goes on.   Some days that works and I can be productive and other days my rebel parts will win and the tasks remain undone.

When you clear the reason why you are stuck, in literally a flash, the motivation is there and the task, no matter how mundane, becomes enjoyable and not an issue at all.

At the end of the day, don’t we all want to be able to enjoy all that life has to offer, even sorting out desk drawers?

I invite you to find out more about Heart Metta. It wears many hats and Procrastination Buster is one of them!