Message for 2022

2021 has been a year of stretching and growing and we have seen that in a multitude of ways.  For anyone used to sticking to a routine it has been challenging as events seem to change from one moment to the next. Long term plans rapidly became short term and we have all been asked to adapt to this. Many of you are familiar with the statement I ask myself when faced with a challenge. It is one I was introduced to by a dear mentor many years ago. The question to ask is “ What energy is required to support positive change?”
What I have been sensing for several weeks now is that the energy required to support positive change in 2022 is to EMBRACE the CHANGES! What does this mean exactly? Are we meant to give up, resign ourselves to a life of compromise and ‘lesser thans’? Absolutely not! The message is loud and clear: continue to have goals and aspirations and now add one other factor – open up to the possibilities not of different goals, rather open up to other ways and methods of attaining those goals!  Methods that are way beyond the realms of your imagination! As I am preparing this message to record it for YouTube where I usually post these year end messages, I am now sensing it does not have to be posted there and to simply upload it to my website. There is no need to make a voice recording at all! My mind wants to ask “ isn’t it easier for people to watch a video and listen to the message? Isn’t that more convenient?” There are times that it is not about what’s easiest or most convenient. I already know that those who are meant to see this message will find it.
As we embrace change instead of fighting it, we will be provided with many opportunities to astound ourselves with our abilities to not only survive challenges, we will discover we can thrive in spite of them!  2022 is shaping up to bring in sweeping changes that do not have to be daunting, that do not have to instil fear in us. There is already a lot of movement afoot. New jobs, new residences to explore and most of all, finding the ‘new embracing change’ you. This is not actually a new you, it is your original you. We all have our divine blueprint, are you living yours already and if not, will you embrace change in 2022 and set out on your journey? I am guided to end with this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.” The intentions and decisions are what are important, not how you have to make what you want happen.
Many blessings for 2022 and beyond![/caption]