There’s knowing and then there’s KNOWING…

As I sat down today to write my post for this week I realized that the two topics I had in mind were actually for some other time. Instead, my intuition pointed me in a different direction and since I have learned it is really wise to listen to it I find myself writing a post that has yet to have a title! I guess this is what they call ‘being in the flow. I have learned to listen to this inner voice. Sometimes my mind has overridden this intention and those were times where I discovered that listening to my intuition would have been more efficient if nothing else! One time I was with a colleague in London, England and she was going out and asked me the best way to go get a taxi. I had lived in England for many years previously and was very familiar with the area. My intuition indicated to turn right as you left the house and my mind went “wait, that doesn’t make sense, that’s a quiet side street, no taxis are going to come down there”. So I suggested she turn left as the street to her left was a main one, High Street Kensington, and she was much more likely to find  a taxi there. Ten minutes later the doorbell rang and she said to me “ That street is closed, you sent me the wrong way!” Yes, indeed I had sent her in the wrong direction! My intuition had a better idea and I had ignored it.

So now that I have written the first paragraph, I have an idea what to name this post. So often the answers come after we embark on the journey and yet we don’t want to start until we know exactly where we are going. Of course it would not make sense to walk out the door without any idea whatsoever where we are going. That would not be very practical. When I started writing this post I did have a sense of direction, I wasn’t randomly uttering gibberish for the sake of it. My intention was to deliver a message that would be helpful for you. For some of you, reading this may be superfluous as you already pay close attention to your intuition. For others, this may be the nudge to trust what you already know. I have had several occasions where people have emailed me to thank me for the timeliness of these messages. The one to thank is the Universe for suggesting them to me. Are you able to access your inner knowing? Do you listen to it? Is it something you welcome or something you spend time ignoring? Are you able to move forward with an intention even when you have yet to see the whole picture? 

Being able to access your inner knowing accurately requires some good filters and a clear energy field.

Perhaps next week I will be writing more about S.W.E.E.T, the topic I started to talk about last week and intended to expand on this week. S.W.E.E.T is a very helpful way to get clear and stay clear 🙂

Let’s see what next week brings next week!  I’m okay with that.
If you have questions or comments, please post them, I’d love to hear from you.