Where is Home?

We are used to phrases like ‘Home is where your heart is’ and ‘Home is where you hang your hat’. For many people who have had a challenging time feeling ‘at home’ on this planet they may yearn for HOME, that place where you feel you truly belong and feel at ease. HOME can be a state of being that many can only feel when they are meditating or out of their bodies.
Today in our Quantum Business Principles Class I asked the participants for an update on the shifts they had noticed since their last class. This course is a series that runs over five months for entrepreneurs ( coaches, business owners in various sectors)  to assist them to expand their reach using methods that are quite different from mainstream marketing and promotion. Several people mentioned that they felt they had a lot more energy and had attained a new level of resilience which has enabled them to handle present challenges with a new level of calm. One person talked about how he felt more at home in his body and his heart had discovered a new home, right inside his body!
When I was a child I felt that home was a distant star and I was sent to Earth to be in boarding school. It took me a long time to recognize HOME right here on Earth. One of my very wise daughters at the age of fifteen asked me : “How many lifetimes is it going to take before you get it that when you are here, HOME is right here on Earth?” Either she is a much older soul that I am or she figured out to be comfortable being incarnated here much sooner than I did! I am grateful she pointed that out as shortly after that I started my journey of being here all the time, not only when times were pleasant and joyful.
Some of you may relate to this and others may wonder what I am even talking about.
For the ones of you who are still searching for HOME, I can that it is indeed possible to achieve this state of being, of belonging, of feeling comfortable here, no matter what chaos is whirling all around us. This does not mean we cease to care about others or lack empathy. It means we have made the long journey from our head to our hearts. When we are in tune with our inner wisdom we are much more able to handle what comes our way, we look for solutions instead of only seeing problems. Sometimes the solutions are easily identified and attained. At other times they may seem elusive. Even when situations are bleak, our inner wisdom is able to guide us to the best outcome. True, for a person with a terminally ill physical body the release of illness may be in the form of transition out of this realm. A physical body does have an end at some point, at least as far as I am aware. I happen to believe consciousness continues so to me one door closes and another opens. Even with understanding this, of course we wish we could have that person still here with us. When a person has made a beautiful imprint on our hearts, that stays no matter what happens. Until the day we leave this planet, I would like to say there are many ways we can achieve what we look for ‘out there’ right here on Earth. I have seen many find that peace and equanimity by finding their inner wisdom, their authentic selves. Together with  someone who comes to see me, we work as a team to mine to gold within. This inner gold is available to each and every one of us.  While there is no instant access card to enter this particular gold vault, it does not have to take years and years of toil and struggle to get to it. Heart Metta is a great tool to mine the gold within. Those lonely and ‘homesick’ find an inner peace they had not imagined possible here on this planet. Those seeking something they may not even have been able to put a name to find they had ‘it’ (whatever that ‘it’ was) all along, they simply were unaware it was already within them and so easy to find. All that is required is some encouragement and some tools along the way.
I feel honoured that many of you have invited me to take part in your discovery journey.
May all who walk this Earth be free from suffering.