The Definition of Excitement

The other day my four year old grandson noticed there was a bump under my sleeve and he asked me what it was. I told him it was a tissue. Hs reply : “That’s not very exciting”. I’m not quite sure what he was expecting me to pull out from my sleeves: a toy, a rabbit? Hearing him say that made me wonder what we find exciting in our everyday lives. Exciting has many meanings depending on the context, one definition I found online summed it up well: Exciting ~ Causing great enthusiasm and eagerness. Going back a few years in time, I was visiting a friend in the States and I was beaming as I exited a store holding a huge bunch of organic kale that was a terrific bargain to me. I had just arrived from Hong Kong where a more tired version of the same item cost over three times as much. Seeing my pure delight she commented how I was just an easy person to please!

Fast forward to a few days ago again and I watched the delight on my grandson’s face as he played with a transport truck we had made out of construction paper and cardboard.

Have you noticed excitement actually comes from inside instead of what we think will bring us pleasure? When we are feeling good inside, the simplest of things brings us great joy. When we are unhappy, even a priceless bottle of wine may as well be vinegar.

These days we are still having to deal with daily news and events that bring little joy so how do we access  our inner happiness when it gets buried under mundane gloom? Here are two tips that may help. No matter how busy the day, take a five minute breather. Five minutes to unplug from everything. The location is unimportant, hey, sometimes the only quiet ‘alone time’ possible may be the washroom!  Sit still and place your hand over your heart. Think of something that makes you smile. Allow yourself to sit in that feeling. If other thoughts come in, there is no need to push them away, let them flow through as if you are watching clouds pass by. This may come really easily to you or you may find your noisy mind still wants to chime in. In time, the noisy mind learns it can relax too and enjoy this moment. Perhaps five minutes is too long to start off with, that’s fine too.  Even doing this for one minute counts towards your choosing to come from a deeper, happier place that exists under all the noise. And in time, you may find ten minutes has gone by and it only feels like two!

Another practice which may help is to spend a few minutes at the end of the day thinking about three good things that happened during your day. Many of you may already have a gratitude journal you write it, if you like doing that you can record it. Simply spending a few  moments in genuine gratitude and expressing how you feel authentically instead of telling yourself how you should feel contributes to a vibrational shift that helps you enjoy life more, no matter what is going on in your life. These two tips assist us to press a reset button when we are feeling down or discouraged or weary. Having some basic knowledge of Heart Metta and using it is also a great way to support ourselves. I will be hosting online classes again this year and will be announcing class dates in a few weeks.

What are your ways  to access your enthusiastic self? I’d love to hear your comments.