Lunar Eclipses and You

We are about to have our first lunar eclipse of this decade. I do not have an astrology background and I leave that to the astrologers to share their knowledge with you. I notice though that a lot of my plans seem to ‘coincide’ with astrology dates. I’ll have friends say  “Hey,Sandra, you chose such a perfect date for your event, do you know Venus is …etc etc” I am not in the habit of consulting any charts  or asking any astrologer for advice, I simple listen to my intuition. I am very aware of energies and what I am already sensing is that energies are already ramping up regarding this upcoming lunar eclipse. No surprise that we completed an eight week Heart Metta Training a couple of weeks ago, no surprise I was guided to offer a Heart Metta Group Event ( both online) a  few days ago. These were to prepare us to face some deep issues that are ready to bubble to the surface this week. Please note that in no way is this a ‘Beware’ moment. Instead this is about ‘Be aware’. 

When we are aware we can act upon situations instead of being unaware when we find ourselves reacting to situations. This week is an opportune time to notice when our buttons are being pushed. When we defuse our inner landmines, we are able to notice our past triggers and respond to them in a proactive way. Once defused completely, people can jump on our past landmines and we  may not even notice as the triggers are no longer activated. So what can we do if we haven’t dealt with those landmines yet? If you find a button is being pushed, take a breath and be kind to yourself. By being kind to yourself and understanding your angst,  you will be less likely to blow up at someone else or get more upset with yourself.

Also, you will be able to observe what is going on and diffuse the situation.  How do we diffuse landmines? This is where it is helpful when we are unable to do it on our own, to get assistance to deal with core issues and past trauma. One final note for today for those of you who are empaths. You may have already dealt with your core issues and  be at peace with where you are and yet you may find yourself more emotional this week. Take a moment to ask if these feelings originate from you or whether your are tuning into emotions belonging to others. A simple way to begin to clear your field is to set the intention that you are going to exhale the feelings and thougth forms you picked up from others. More complex factors that affect your energy field and your energy integrity can be cleared with various methods, including S.W.E.E.T. Looks like I’ll be writing about S.W.E.E.T. in my post next week. Until then, let’s all set the intention for a smooth ride on the wave of this lunar eclipse.