Embracing Change

When I was a kid I heard this joke: two caterpillars were looking at a butterfly flying past them and one said to the other: “You’ll never get me up in one of those!”
Fast forward to me at the age of twenty-seven facing making a life-changing decision where I had no idea what my future would hold and I embraced change with the thought “I’m only twenty-seven, the world is my oyster!”  That proved to be so true until I was fifty when this time, change came whether I wanted it or not and again I found myself on a new path, this time as a widow with two teenage daughters. What kept me going the first few years after that was the thought ” Even if it takes several miracles for us to surmount this change and thrive in spite of it, I believe in miracles!”
I have had more than my fair share of disappointments throughout my life so it wasn’t as if my life has always been peachy keen. And, in my  opinion, whoever came up with  the idea that anything is fair meant they liked the result, it has nothing to do with justice. My experience with disappointments in my early years had left me reserved when it came to anticipating most things. I braced myself for the worst and held back being excited about anything positive until it was a done deed.  I didn’t get excited about moving into my first home with my husband until I opened the front door with my own key.  Nick was my best teacher and I only realized this after the left the planet. We never took each other for granted so it is not about that.  His practicality, generosity of spirit and complete unconditional love would assist me over the twenty plus years together to shift from being that apprehensive  ‘caterpillar’ into becoming excited about being a ‘butterfly’. I don’t think it is a coincidence that when he started his journey towards leaving the planet we were happily planning future events that were years away however neither of us knew our plans would  include being in separate dimensions!  He could leave because he knew I was ready to start a new path. And we both know that love never dies. When he left I thought my dream life had died. Shortly after, I realized it hadn’t died, it had simply changed. And, it was up to me to decide how I was going to deal with that change. And, I intended life to be good again! My thoughts of miracles have turned out to be a reality, I love the life I lead now, I embraced the change with open arms and am grateful to everyone and everything that has come my way to assist me to be who I am today.
Perhaps having a mother who found herself as a single mother in her thirties with four kids helped nurture my inner resilience. She was a momma bear, feisty and determined we would all be okay. She taught me to think for myself, to be free of the need of approval of others and be authentic. In the final years of her life when her health failed her and negativity and frustration took over she taught be to keep  intending to stay positive no matter what happens. I have wondered at times if she would have been different if she had been able  to receive counselling.  I have no regrets that Heart  Metta came after she had already departed. What is important is what is happening now,  the past is over and these days when I tune into her, she is happy and free of an ailing physical body.
How are you when it comes to embracing  change? Are you the caterpillar? Already  a butterfly? In a cocoon? Wherever you are on your path of metamorphosis, Heart Metta can assist  you. It is easy to learn and really effective.  Next month I am offering new online class using this modality where you can see for yourself how Heart Metta can assist you to embrace change and give you clarity  on your path to manifest the changes you desire.You can read about the Introduction to Heart Metta class here.
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