Heart Metta™ Book Now Available in Japan

I am thrilled to announce that my book on Heart Metta™ is now available in bookstores in Japan.

People have been asking me for years whether I have any books published and my usual reply was: “the book I started in 1998 and never finished?” Although I have contributed articles to magazines and have produced e-books, this book in Japanese is the first of its kind for me. 

I wish to thank my publisher Mr Hiroki Imai and his staff at Natural Spirit for giving me this amazing opportunity to share Heart Metta™ in Japan. 

The assistance I  received getting this book completed is nothing short of miraculous! I am ever grateful to Yasue Maruyama for her endless hours of editing and rewrites. Her patience and perseverance is inspiring! Now that this is done, the English version is on its way.