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Do you ever feel exhausted after chatting with someone on the phone?

Are there days when you feel drained by your clients?

Do you have days where you feel depressed without even knowing what has caused you to feel ‘off’?

Do you have chronic pain that flares up?

Many of these symptoms are caused by depletions and distortions in your energy field!

This four part series introduces you to the different parts of the aura (human biofield) and possible imbalances in your energy that result in emotional/physical/psychological distress.

Learn easy ways to correct these disturbances and gain effective methods to maintain your energetic health.

SWEET is an energy clearing method for the modern world. SWEET stands for Self-Wellness Energy Evaluation Technique.

It is a tool for clearing energy depletions and distortions and getting recharged, centred and grounded.

This course has four modules with a total of 8 hours of instruction.

Part 1 Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

To check energy levels we need access to a feedback system, using Applied Kinesiology. This is a diagnostic method that uses muscle testing.

Learn how to do this and overcome any difficulties that may appear when you use this method.

Gain trust in your intuition and transform any doubts that may be preventing you from accessing your inner guidance.

Discover the many uses of applied kinesiology and how it can enhance daily living.

Part 2 SWEET Self-Wellness Energy Evaluation Technique

Find out almost everything you need to know about energy distortions and energy depletions.

Learn about vibrational energy and how it affects every aspect of your life: how it can affect your health on many different levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

Part 3 Clearing Biofields with SWEET

During this webinar participants go through the steps of SWEET, identify and clear energy distortions and depletions and restore their biofield integrity.

Part 4 Post Webinar Q&A Follow

During this webinar, Sandra will answer any questions that may have arisen from your having used SWEET for two weeks as well as discuss when and where using SWEET is most useful and invaluable.

This series is called a Retreat as in addition to the tutoring provided, Sandra will lead you in guided visualizations to give you the experience of what it is to attend an Energy Spa. We may know how to look after our bodies and attend various spas – how about looking after your energy field and giving it a spa treatment!

Investment: $497 USD

Once enrolled in the class you will also be invited to join a private dedicated group in the Ease into Being community where you can chat with peers and get ongoing support so SWEET can become a regular routine for you.

This training is for everyone and no previous experience is necessary. For those who wish to advance to become SWEET trainers this first course is the beginning of that journey.

S.W.E.E.T. is a one-stop-shop for all things energy.

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