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Initial Consultation

  • Sometimes we want results but at the same time, we may find it difficult to address areas of our lives because it makes us uncomfortable. Although it may be a little uncomfortable to hear the truth, ultimately more truth sets us free. By dealing with problems we bring in the possibilities for positive change.

    “Sandra is a tremendously gifted healer who is able to quickly access the spiritual, physical and emotional reasons behind life’s issues. Working with you in a caring and sensitive way, Sandra is able to help bring you both clarity and relief!” ‐M.Raymond, Founder SeriouslyOrangeStudio.UK.

  • Are you prepared to embrace fresh perspectives and innovative solutions with an open heart and mind?

    “Sandra is the perfect counsellor for people seeking new direction, experiencing transitions, changes or life crises. Her array of ‘tools’ is expansive, substantial and extremely powerful. Sandra delivers the deep insights that precede real growth.”‐R.Leach Artist, Creative Edge Designs Toronto, Canada

  • Do you have questions about your life path? Are you ready to recognize your talents and gifts?

    “Working with Sandra made me aware of my own intuitive abilities, as well as the spiritual side of life. I didn’t expect our work to change my world to this degree. Sandra is an extraordinary gift!” ‐PT, Georgetown, Canada

  • Do you feel stuck? Do you want to learn why? Do you want to move on?

    Sandra helped me identify and release the feelings from my past that hindered me in the present. Being able to talk to my (passed) father, through Sandra, changed my feelings about him. It changed me. She has helped me to become more compassionate, forgiving and at peace.” ‐VH, Calgary, Canada

  • Many of us find that our lives don’t always align with what we believe is our true purpose. Discover how to realign with your path and invite more love, joy, and inner peace into your life.

    “I recently had a session with Sandra and am so glad I did! As usual, Sandra quickly got to the nub of the matter, and gently cleared all of the pieces of the problem.  Sandra has an uncanny ability to tune in and detect the underlying spiritual sources of the problem and then she goes even further and heals the problem. I am continually impressed with Sandra’s skills, empathy and understanding. I recommend Sandra very highly to anyone who is stymied with a problem in his or her life that defies resolution. I feel very privileged to have Sandra in my life and on ‘my team’.” ‐NB,  Energy therapist Toronto, Canada

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